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Girl Scouts

Junior Numbers in Nature Badge

Junior Numbers in Nature Badge

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How do you know what time it is? How do you know what the weather will be like? Can you figure out how old a tree is by looking at it? Math can be used to tell us all kinds of things about nature, from how tall or old a tree is to the weather or time. In this badge, you'll do all of these things!

1. Tell time with nature 
2. Predict the weather 
3. Explore the circumference of trees 
4. Search for shadows 
5. Find the area and perimeter of plants

When you've earned this badge, you'll know how to use math to tell time, predict the weather, and learn about trees. You'll know how to measure shadows, perimeter, and area.

Made in USA. 

U.S. Produced: This product was made or assembled in the U.S., which minimizes shipping distances and delivers a lower carbon footprint.
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