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Girl Scouts Junior Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin - Year 2

Girl Scouts Junior Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin - Year 2

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Cultivate her customer insights! The Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin program engages the support of family members—whether immediate or extended—as they help Juniors to  focus on their individual goals and skills in their second year of selling cookies as a Girl Scout Junior. 

NOTE: Girls earn a year-one and year-two version of the pin (plus a year-three version for Cadettes) within their grade level. Girls must earn year-one pin in order to earn year-two and year-two to earn year-three. This structure is similar to the My Promise, My Faith award structure.

Here’s how they can earn the pin: 

1. Strategize your sales 
2. Learn from the past 
3. Run the show 
4. Fine-tune your pitch 
5. Know your product 

⅝" round. Goldtone pin with bitten cookie design and “Entrepreneur” filled with purple epoxy, Steel. Clutch back. Imported. 

Girls continue to earn Cookie Business badges with their troop and focus on group goals and tactics.

Make Girl Scout Cookie season a family affair! Earning Cookie Entrepreneur Family pins makes spending time with family easy, fun, and even sweeter during cookie season. Learn more and get ready to rock your Girl Scout pride all season long.

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