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Girl Scouts Cadette Cookie Market Researcher Badge

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Market research can help you discover ideas and get feedback about your Girl Scout Cookie business. As a cookie entrepreneur, you explore your customers' experience to help you reach even more people. Think of yourself as a customer detective! Investigate what sets your product apart. Why do customers love buying Girl Scout Cookies? Become a market researcher and develop a marketing plan to expand your business.

1. Know your product and resources 
2. Set goals and a budget 
3. Explore the Girl Scout Cookie brand 
4. Develop your marketing plan 
5. Create your marketing campaign

When you've earned this badge, you will know how to use market research to grow your cookie business and connect with customers.

Made in USA. 

U.S. Produced: This product was made or assembled in the U.S., which minimizes shipping distances and delivers a lower carbon footprint.