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Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts Cadette Cookie Innovator Badge

Girl Scouts Cadette Cookie Innovator Badge

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As an innovator, you are open to change and opportunities. You're empowered to grow, not just personally, but also with your Girl Scout Cookie® business. To earn this badge, you will innovate in two ways: One is by coming up with fresh ideas for your goals, something bolder and bigger than before. The other is by finding unique ways to reach your goals, connect with your customers, and sell cookies.

1. Master your cookie business 
2. Choose a big idea, set goals, and build a budget 
3. Decide how to meet your big goals 
4. Explore ethics in your cookie business 
5. Sell your big dream to others

When you've earned this badge, you will know how to set bigger goals for your cookie business and come up with ways to reach them.

Made in USA. 

U.S. Produced: This product was made or assembled in the U.S., which minimizes shipping distances and delivers a lower carbon footprint.
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