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Daisy Badge Kit — Space Science Explorer

Daisy Badge Kit — Space Science Explorer

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Get ready to experience a fun and convenient way for busy troop leaders to lead Daisies in earning their Space Science Explorer Badge. We've done the prep work - all you need to do is open the box and get started. Kit contains supplies for 4 Daisy Girl Scouts (badges not included).

It's as easy as 1-2-3!
1. Read badge requirements and kit instruction sheet
2. Review badge activities and prepare for your troop meeting
3. Dive right in!

This Badge Kit contains supplies for each of the three steps corresponding to activities described in the badge requirements pamphlet: 1) Explore the Sun 2) Observe the Moon and 3) Meet the stars. Kit contains supplies for 4 Daisy Girl Scouts (badge not included). This badge can be lead for 1-2 troop meetings.

Included in the kit:
Space Science Explorer Badge Requirements Pamphlet
Space Science Explorer Instruction Sheet
Notebooks (4)
Paper binoculars (4)
Kraft tubes (4)
Sticker sheet (1 sheet)
Flashlight (1 for troop leader)
Moon and Sun facts double-sided handout (1)

Also needed:
Writing utensils

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