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Girl Scouts

Brownie Ringer T-Shirt

Brownie Ringer T-Shirt

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This fresh take on the classic white tee was customized just for Brownies. Designed to wear with your everyday wardrobe or as part of your Girl Scout uniform, details like the solid brown trefoil and “Brownie” screen print on the sleeve are visible under your vest or sash. This retro-inspired ringer t-shirt is made of a comfy, eco-conscious blend of cotton and recycled polyester. Featuring light blue contrast color at the collar and sleeves, this tee pairs perfectly with our Brownie jumper. Traditional fit. Cotton (60%), polyester (25%), and recycled polyester (15%) jersey knit. Imported. 

Recycled material: This product was made using recycled items broken down into raw material, which saves energy, conserves water, and helps to prevent additional waste in landfills.
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