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Girl Scouts

Brownie Numbers in Nature Badge

Brownie Numbers in Nature Badge

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Do you like the feel of sun or sea water on your skin? Do you like the smell of flowers or pine trees? Have you ever listened to the birds? Touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing are all ways to sense or understand the world around us. This badge is all about understanding nature. You'll use your senses to gather information. You'll use other tools to learn even more about nature.
1. Explore temperature 
2. Measure the length of leaves 
3. Graph your leaf data 
4. Find space to grow 
5. Plot and plant a garden

When you've earned this badge, you'll know how to measure temperature and length. You'll know about square feet and how to create a diagram and grid. You'll have explored leaves and gardening.

Made in USA. 

U.S. Produced: This product was made or assembled in the U.S., which minimizes shipping distances and delivers a lower carbon footprint.

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